HIM SL offers a suite of expert services in predictive modelling and transformational change management, designed for facilitating local transformation towards eHealth enabled integrated care. In short, the unique combination of ‘data empowerment’ and ‘cultural shift’ creates a potent recipe to optimise the efficient use of resources and to reduce waste.

Without exception, the HIM SL services are tailored to local needs and demands, starting with in-depth assessment of existing local competences and expertise. In addition, implementation strategies focus on building upon and enhancing LOCAL strengths, hence minimising the need for EXTERNAL consultancy.

HIM SL experts arrive, in order to leave. In order to realise our promise, the HIM SL tactics are based on four simple principles:

  1. We introduce evidence based instruments and approaches: there is no exception or compromise.
  2. We coach local experts and local change teams and we train them to do likewise – the HIM SL ‘snow-ball effect’ of continuous improvement.
  3. We teach, coach and educate, from boardroom to working floor level, in order to change, and if necessary disrupt, the existing habits of working in silos and top-down approaches, releasing the energy of co-creation and the ‘voice’ of all stakeholders involved.We come back periodically to monito progress and retune the process.
  4. We come back periodically to monitor progress and retune the process.