eHealth Week 2016

8-10 June 2016
Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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eHealth Week 2016 is organised by the Dutch Ministry of Health as part of the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the European Commission and HIMSS Europe. This year’s educational programme will focus on three main themes: Empowering People, Trust & Standards and Social Innovation & Transition.

eHealth policies are changing. Until now, policies have mainly focused on institutions and IT systems: today, that focus is shifting and is now being placed on eHealth users. The people who are using eHealth are becoming increasingly involved in the discussion and being placed at the heart of eHealth policy-making.

The Netherlands is one of the most digitally mature countries in Europe and is home to one of the four HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 hospitals in Europe as well as having eight Stage 6 hospitals: it is an ideal place for the European eHealth Community to come together!

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Parts of SmartCare services go national within the framework of the new KODA initiative in Finland.

The KODA is Finland national co-operation project where South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote) with 5 other regions and cities together create an integrated service platform which support older people living at home independently. Telecare solutions will be integrated in the same platform and service users, family carers as well as social and health professionals will have access to the platform and services.

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ICIC16 – 16th International Conference on Integrated Care, Barcelona

A Movement for Change: Enabling People-Centred and Integrated Health and Social Care

The conference will bring together researchers, clinicians and managers from around the world who are engaged in the design and delivery of integrated health and social care. They will share experience and the latest evidence about integrating Public Health, Health and Social Care and the New roles and Possibilities for Hospitals, producing Positive and Curative Integrated Mental and Physical Care, mobilising key enablers like policy making and Mobile and Digital Health Solutions, and investment in an Integrated Care Workforce, clinical leadership and coproduction with individuals, careers, communities and populations.

The conference is a partnership between The International Foundation of Integrated Care (IFIC), PIAISS of the Catalan Government, Hospital Clinic Barcelona (HCB), Forum ITESSS and the Tic Salut Foundation.

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Smartcare Final Conference

Joining up ICT and service processes for quality integrated care in Europe

The final conference of SmartCare will take place on 6 July 2016 in Trieste, Italy.
Join us to learn, share and discuss about the latest trends regarding ICT-supported integrated care in Europe.

For more than three years, 23 regions and a total of 42 partner organisations have worked towards making ICT-supported integrated care a reality…in Europe and elsewhere. Now, towards the end of our EU-funded project and at a point in time where key decisions about the mainstreaming of our innovative services are being taken, the time has come to share the results of our work and to discuss them in the wider context of care integration.

To do so, we invite you to join our final conference!

The conference is organised by our coordinating deployment site Friuli Venezia Giulia. Held in beautiful Trieste, the conference will focus on:

The results of the evaluation of the SmartCare services, piloted in nine European regions
The lessons learned by the people developing, implemeting and operating the services in the ground
The socio-economic and business aspects of up-scaling integrated care
Our Guidelines for the implementation of integrated e-care services
The conference will also feature interim results of two further ongoing pilot projects on integrated care: BeyondSilos and CareWell.

Conference programme

Download the latest version of the conference programme here…

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HIM SL has joined EU project SmartCare

Health Information Management Services S.L. (HIM SL) is now on board as new partner of SmartCare and WP 7 Synergy Implementation lead. Within this WP7, HIM SL is leading tasks in Change Management in the health and social care sectors where 11 sites from the three Integrated care projects SmartCare, BeyondSilos and CareWell are being visited; in Predictive Modelling in the field of ICT applied to Integrated Care and chronic patient’s management applying a its model to two sites – FVG and Aragón – and in close synergy with CareWell where model is applied to two other sites – Veneto and Basque Country.

Furthermore, HIM SL with expertise in the multi-dimensional evaluation of complex interventions in the health and social care sectors is performing final Evaluation analyses of Deployment sites in SmartCare.All these tasks will yield as outcomes a Change Management Toolkit, an “e-cockpit” integrating relevant management data to optimize sustainable implementation, including data from:

(a) MAST 1.0 domains;
(b) predictive model
(c) evaluation and monitoring of critical implementation success and failure factors; final Evaluation Outcome report as well as a Cross-projects data comparison at baseline level of all three Integrated care projects.

Finally, HIM SL is coordinating in close cooperation with the BeyondSilos and CareWell the different synergy activities and their implementation, as well as supporting all EIP AHA activities.

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