The AAL Joint Programme has started a new three-year support action called AAL2Business that built on the pilot AAL2Business action conducted in 2012 aimed to help AAL projects to enter the market.   One of its main objectives is to help companies in their business development and commercialisation challenges related to solutions developed under AAL projects and offers a wide variety of support actions addressing AAL JP projects in different stages of their lifecycle: before obtaining the funding, during the implementation and after the end of the projects.

SmartCare services provide full support to cooperative delivery of care, integrated with self-care and across organisational silos, including essential coordination tools such as shared data access, care pathway design and execution, as well as real time communication support to care teams and multi-organisation access to home platforms. In addition, empowerment to all older people according to their mental faculties to take part in effective management of their health, wellness, and chronic conditions, and maintain their independence despite increasing frailty.

BeyondSilos enables the delivery of integrated care to older European citizens to support them to live independent lives within the community by providing the ICT tools necessary to integrate care pathways across organisations and locations, in particular between social and health service providers. The ICT platform enables regionally customised integrated care models and care pathways which are inspired by and aligned with the SmartCare Pilot A currently in deployment phase. BeyondSilos will run for 36 months (Feb-14 to Jan-17) and is funded under the CIP European programme.

CareWell enables the delivery of integrated healthcare to frail elderly patients through comprehensive multidisciplinary programmes. ICTs are facilitating the coordination and communication of healthcare professionals and supporting patient centred delivery of care at home. The project is supporting the integration of care in six European Regions. The two CareWell services are based on two pathways supported by ICT: integrated care coordination and patient empowerment & home support.

United4Health aims to reaching new frontiers in the evaluation and deployment of ICT services for the management of people living with chronic diseases in home settings, on a large scale. It uses as a starting point the experience accumulated in the RENEWING HEALTH Pilot A which has similar objectives to United4Health, but a wide range of interventions due to the obligation to start from running pilots. In the case of United4Health, a limited number of interventions have been selected from the basket of those already validated or under validation in RENEWING HEALTH.

SUSTAINS comprises a rich basket of services based on giving citizens online access to their EHR. The services proposed have been distilled from the experience of regions which have already pioneered such access.

The SUSTAINS Consortium is composed of regions in the EU leading in the area of innovation in services for citizens, and a number of user and professional associations all equally committed to the implementation of key action 13 of the Digital Agenda for Europe.

HOME SWEET HOME will trial a new, economically sustainable home assistance service which is expected to extend the independent living of elderly people.

HOME SWEET HOME intends to achieve this by providing a comprehensive set of services which support elders in their daily activities and allows carers to remotely assess their ability to stay independent. These service are provided through a state-of-the-art technological platform based on products available off-the-shelf integrated with one another for the purpose of the Project.

Renewing Health aims at implementing large-scale real-life test beds for the validation and subsequent evaluation of innovative telemedicine services using a patient-centred approach and a common rigorous assessment methodology.It involve a Consortium of 9 of the most advanced regions in the implementation of health-related ICT services, belonging to 9 different Member States or Associated Countries. In those regions the service solutions are already operational at local level for the telemonitoring and the treatment of chronic patients suffering from diabetes, chronic obstuctive pulmonary or cardiovascolar diseases.