HIM SL has joined EU project SmartCare

Health Information Management Services S.L. (HIM SL) is now on board as new partner of SmartCare and WP 7 Synergy Implementation lead. Within this WP7, HIM SL is leading tasks in Change Management in the health and social care sectors where 11 sites from the three Integrated care projects SmartCare, BeyondSilos and CareWell are being visited; in Predictive Modelling in the field of ICT applied to Integrated Care and chronic patient’s management applying a its model to two sites – FVG and Aragón – and in close synergy with CareWell where model is applied to two other sites – Veneto and Basque Country.

Furthermore, HIM SL with expertise in the multi-dimensional evaluation of complex interventions in the health and social care sectors is performing final Evaluation analyses of Deployment sites in SmartCare.All these tasks will yield as outcomes a Change Management Toolkit, an “e-cockpit” integrating relevant management data to optimize sustainable implementation, including data from:

(a) MAST 1.0 domains;
(b) predictive model
(c) evaluation and monitoring of critical implementation success and failure factors; final Evaluation Outcome report as well as a Cross-projects data comparison at baseline level of all three Integrated care projects.

Finally, HIM SL is coordinating in close cooperation with the BeyondSilos and CareWell the different synergy activities and their implementation, as well as supporting all EIP AHA activities.